Embrace the New You!

The Eden Institute was founded upon the life’s work of Dr. Theodore L. Watkins.

For decades and utilizing several programs and products he has developed, Dr. Watkins has been helping people
to lengthen their lives as well as improve the quality of their lives by getting them to focus on managing their
health… intelligently.

It's the purpose of The Eden Institute to bring all of these creations together into one extremely powerful, unified
program. Be assured that if you make the commitment to follow The Eden Institute program, you will be
blessed — and you’ll probably surprise yourself with the new you, too!

About Dr. Watkins

Dr. Theodore L. Watkins, founder of The Eden Institute, is a dynamic lecturer, writer, television personality, radio
host and producer. Recognized as an authority and leading advocate of preventive health, he is convinced after
treating thousands of patients whose lives have been devastated by the “Diseases of Lifestyle”, that people need to be
taught the principles of a “healthy lifestyle” if they are going to increase their longevity and eliminate a number
of preventable diseases.

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